Center For Active Generations

Pickleball Program Policies

Organized Playing Times:

Tuesdays – 2PM Intermediate/Advanced Play only. We do not teach the game on Tuesdays.

Wednesdays – 2-6PM Novice/Beginner Play. Our advanced players will teach you the game and help you develop your game. (Advanced/Intermediate play after new players tire or leave.)

Thursdays - 2PM-4:30PM (Hard stop) Advanced/Intermediate play only. We do not teach the game on Thursdays.

Saturdays - Advanced* play on most Saturdays 3 PM.  See


Purpose:   To promote the game of Pickleball in a positive, social, yet competitive environment and to allow as many members as possible to play at a skill level comparable to their abilities.  We provide special opportunities to introduce new players to the sport.


1.    An Active Generations Membership is required to participate in the Pickleball program.    Potential new members are welcome to a free week trial membership at the Center to try other programs such as the fitness center, billiard room or other clubs, or they have the option to come to Pickleball on 3 guest passes.


2.  Attendance is kept for every center activity.  Club members are required to sign in at each organized playing session.  The first 8 players to sign in should be the first 8 to play, then the next 8 and so on.  No one should play a second game until ALL players have played their first game.  Players are specifically expected do their best thereafter to assure that everyone gets an equal chance to play.


3.  There is a 50 cent minimum fee to play. Voluntary additional amounts are also welcome.  NO monies are retained by the Pickleball Club.  ALL weekly fees go directly to Active Generations.


4. We require non-marking shoes on the courts.  For safety and traction we HIGHLY recommend INDOOR COURT shoes.  Club leadership may decline certain shoes for player safety reasons.

PLEASE wear street shoes when it’s wet or snowy and change to your court shoes in the lobby prior to playing.  Water on the court is extremely DANGEROUS!!!!!


5. Please share the tasks of setup and take down.  Paddles and balls are provided by Active Generations.


6.  The priority of the Pickleball Club is to get as many members playing as possible.  Although a regulation game is played to 11 points winning by 2, our policy is to play doubles to 7  (or occasionally to 9) winning by 2 if anyone is waiting to play. No one should play singles if players are waiting to play. Once players have started to leave and no one is waiting, games to 11 by 2 and/or singles are perfectly fine.

*Saturdays are reserved for our MOST ADVANCED play ONLY and games are regulation scoring to 11.


7.  Beginner/Novice play times are specifically reserved for those players and new or lesser experienced players will be expected to learn the game and develop their skills during these play times.  Advanced players are encouraged to come assist the newer players or round out teams if needed, but playing priority MUST always be given to the newer players. If advanced players are needed to fill out teams, it is IMPERATIVE that they match their play to the newer players and not intimidate them with overly aggressive play.


Conversely, Advanced/Intermediate play times are specifically reserved for those players and definite skill levels will be expected of all players.  This is the day for our most advanced players to play at their maximum levels.


All players are expected to honestly evaluate their own skill level and play Pickleball on the day that is most appropriate and enjoyable for them and for their competitors.  Players who aren't sure of their skill level are encouraged to start on Wednesdays.  We will help you figure out what play day is best for you.  Club leadership reserves the ultimate right to reclassify players into appropriate skill levels.


Club members should read their Lifetime News each month and read Club News.  This is where the any schedule changes or no play days are communicated due to other Center events or conflicts with the room.


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