Advanced play most Saturdays - 3PM.

Remember...the fee for advanced play on Saturdays is $1 per player.

No play Sat April 27

Wed - Thurs May 1, 2

Tues - Thurs May 7, 8, 9

Sat May 11 & 18

The Pickleball Club will offer advanced level play on MOST Saturday afternoons at 3PM after the Center has closed to general membership. 


Saturday games are our most advanced and are played to regulation 11-by-2.


Play will be possible on any Saturday when there are no room rental conflicts and when at least one of the Club co-leaders is available. We will be able to play as late as we want except on Saturdays when square dancers rent the room. On those days we can play until about 6PM. But we can only play as long as one of the co-leaders can stay to shut the building down. If the co-leader has to leave, all players will also have to leave. The co-leader MUST be the last one out!


There can be NO EXCEPTIONS to this. It is a core part of our agreement with the Center that makes the after-hours use of the facility possible. 


The front door to the center WILL BE LOCKED at 3PM. After that, enter and exit thru the NORTH door to the dining room.  This door will also be LOCKED. Just knock REALLY loud and we will let you in.

This will be ADVANCED level play for Active Generations members ONLY.


To assure Center after-hours security, we agreed that no guests or visitors will be allowed in the building after 3PM.


The cost to play will be $1.00.


Most likely, we will be able to play almost every Saturday; however, we will publicize specific play days here. This website will be the place to find the most up-to-date schedule information.